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Friday, June 29, 2012

Massive Ferris Wheel in the Philippines

MOA Eye, located at Pasay City, is definitely the new attraction throughout our ountry at this point,the massive ferris wheel with a specs of 55 meters in diameter with fully air conditioned 36 gondolas and 6 VIP gondals that can support 6 persons per gondola, currently stood up by the bay of SM Mall of Asia Amusement Park at SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. The MOA Eye is already considered as the highest and biggest ferris wheel in the Philippines, it is now the new prestige landmark for pinoys and foreign visitors of SM MOA, here you will find and see a breathtaking 360 degree view of Metro Manila and the Manila Bay while inside the gondola.
The famous MOA Eye located behind SMX Convention Center.

 The concept beneath the MOA Eye is after the London Eye in England and Singapore Flyer in Singapore, the MOA Eye is right now the newest attraction. The MOA Eye is definitely the latest addition to the ever-growing variety of interesting attractions and rides in SM Mall of Asia’s Theme Park. There are 16 attractions in the park, which includes a Grand Carousel. Entrance towards the park is free of charge so visitors only need to pay for the ride.

You have to pay a P150 per person to ride the MOA Eye, and here you could experience a 10 min. ride around the MOA Eye. One complete turn of this giant ferris wheel takes about 10 min. ride and moves pretty slow so that you are able to view the whole Manila in birds eye view.

Many people already rode the massive ferris wheel in the Philippines, among them are as follows:

SM MOA EYE Safety Measures

Safety is definitely the outmost concern particularly for amusement park rides. To insure safety, the SM MOA EYE administration provides a list of safety measures to the riding public. Such precautions include:
  • Children below 3 feet 6 inches {should be|needs to be} accompanied by an adult or guardian.
  • People are advised not to bring with them loose items such as bags, hats, umbrellas etc. during their turn.
  • Only people with good health conditions are allowed to ride the Ferris wheel.
  • Pregnant or expectant mothers are advised not to take the ride.
  • No pets allowed
  • Food and Drinks are also not allowed inside the gondolas

SM MOA EYE 2012 schedule of Operating Hours
  • Monday to Thursday - 12 noon to 12 midnight
  • Friday and Saturday - 10 Am to 1 AM
  • Sunday - 12 noon to 12 midnight
Entrance fee: 150 pesos per person

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