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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tourism in Asia | Malaysia | Pantai Teluk Belanga (Emerald Bay)

tourism in asiaTourist spot in Asia brings your to one of the finest beach in Malaysia, Pantai Teluk Belanga (Emerald Bay). Pantai Teluk Belanga or Emerald Bay is truly one of the famous tourist spot in Asia. Emerald Bay is often listed in the top ten world's best beaches. It is becuase of the perfect crescent shape, with soft golden sand and calm emerald-green water. Emerald Bay is owned by private property of the luxury Pangkar Laut Resort which is located in the west coast of Malaysia. This is the right place where the travelers or tourists enjoy the luxury facilities and cordial welcome extended to the guests.

Emerald Bay is set in an idyllic cove with the rainforest as the backdrop. Normally, tourists can actually walk out to the sea for approximately 20 meters because of its shallow water. The wave is gentle, the seaa water luke warm. Truly a perfect place for romance in a restaurant, Dinner on the rocks, overlooking Emerald Bay on the rocky outcrop while watching the sunset from the beach of Emerald Bay.


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