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Friday, April 18, 2008

Tourism in Asia | Malaysia | Pulau Carey / Carey Island

Tourism in AsiaAnother amazing tourist spot from one of the famous country that offers tourism in asia. Asian Tourist Spot presents to you, Carey Island or Pulau Carey. Carey Island is an island in Selangor, Malaysia. It is located to the south of the Asia's Distribution Hub (Port Klang) and north of Banting town. Carey Island is a huge island that are separated from the Selangor coast by the Klang River, connected by a bridge from Chondoi and Teluk Panglima garang near Banting. The said island was named after the former British civil service officer in Malaya.

Tourism in Asia
Carey Island was knowned for its seafood such as crabs, prawns, and various fishes. The island was compromised largely of oil palm estates that were owned by Golden Hope Plantation. Tourists will also find native aboriginal tribe here that were called the Mah Meri. They were renowned for their traditional woodcarvings, depicting their ancestral spirits or what they called, moyang. The Mah Meri tribe is one of the aborigine Orang Asli tribes of Malaysia. They have accepted and live in modern life, with jobs in the nearby plantations and farms, but still their unique culture is intact.


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Eva said...

What an amazing sunset view it is. The next time i'm taking a holiday trip to Asia im surely going on a cheap flight to Malaysia and explore this outstanding tourist spot; Carey Island.

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